I trust Rachael implicitly and that is not something that comes easily to me. After a really hard nursing experience with my first child, Rachael worked with me to ensure I could successfully nurse my second and third child. Not only was she extremely professional and well versed and up to date in her field, Rachael related to me on a human level. She took the time to thoughtfully listen to my concerns and anxieties (no matter how absurd) and helped me address each one. She has been my go to support for my second and third child, which should be testament enough. I refer all of my friends to Rachel as soon as I hear they are pregnant. ~A.M.
Rachael was an incredible help to me and my newborn. I met with her with my three day old newborn and some serious soreness and pain. She was able to walk me through securing a better latch with my baby and trying a new position that worked out a lot better for us. I thought that breastfeeding was just going to be painful for a few weeks.. I didn’t realize it didn’t have to be. I am so glad that I decided to use her services, and I look forward to a long and happy breastfeeding journey.
I had Rachael come out to my home the day after I brought my baby home. At the time each feeding brought me to tears due to a painful latch that I wasn’t able to get adequate help with at the hospital. Rachel was so compassionate about my concerns and immediately made me feel more confident in my ability to conquer breast feeding. She was able to correct my babies latch and provided me so much useful information that extended beyond just breastfeeding. I would definitely recommend Rachael to any new mom and plan on gifting her services to my future mom to be friends! ~E.B.
I reached out to Rachael when I was panicking that I didn’t have enough milk to feed my newborn son. He had lost a pound since his birth weight and was jaundiced and the pediatrician made me feel horrible that my milk hadn’t fully come in yet. I was determined to breast feed and a friend of mine who also had trouble breast feeding, gave me Rachael’s information. Rachael answered my email the same day and made an appointment to see me the next day. During the consultation, she answered all my questions, helped me establish a good latch and find good positioning, and we made a plan to get his weight back on track. She was extremely calm and knowledgeable, which eased my panicked first time mom brain. After we left her office, I felt a giant sense of relief and confident that I could get his weight back up. She sent me a care plan and online references, which I referred to a lot and were very helpful. After a few doctor visits and weight checks, my son looked like he was on the right track. I updated Rachael through her computer system and asked her a few questions, and she was always very quick to get back to me. After about 3 weeks, my worried brain got the best of me and I just wanted to make sure he was still feeding fine and gaining the appropriate amount of weight so I made a follow up appointment and was reassured that everything was going great. If anyone is having trouble breast feeding or just needing reassurance that baby is gaining enough weight, Rachael is definitely the person to call! She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, calm, honest and supportive. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone! ~B.M.